WAY Communications is an inspiring, authentic and meaningful PR & Communications consultancy based in Dublin and working across Ireland. It’s also brave and brilliant, having evolved over years of experience.

At WAY we conceive, develop and blend the smartest, most successful PR & Communications strategies & solutions for our clients. Everything we do is elevated, monitored and evaluated.


PR & Communications Director Anna Wymes has established WAY Communications following a dedicated and rewarding career in the Business, Marketing & Communication sectors in Dublin and across Ireland. Anna has worked for 15+ years in the FMCG, Retail, Business & Digital, Media & Marketing and Arts & Culture sectors. She’s established WAY as a consolidation of this experience. Anna began her career in promotions while studying Marketing and Public Relations in Dublin and since then has combined working commercially and creatively on communications and media projects across every sector of business.

Anna’s natural communication style is intelligent, interesting and highly relevant. She prioritizes client service ensuring clients are at ease, informed and confident on each step of their partnership with WAY Communications. Big on ethics she’s a born believer in Corporate Social Responsibility and communicating everything that’s exceptional about a business, organisation and brand. Anna has established and valued relationships across Irish media from TV to Radio, Print to Digital. She combines clear, blue sky vision with a detailed approach and precision timing on projects from Media Relations & Activation and Strategic Communications to CSR & Media Content for Impact.

Anna works with experienced PR & Communications professionals during busy times.



  • Corporate & Consumer

  • Arts & Culture

  • Lifestyle - Hospitality, Travel, Home & Interiors, Wellness, Food & Drink.

  • Social Enterprise & Non For Profit


  • Media Relations & Activation Campaigns across Print, TV, Digital & Radio

  • Strategic Communications Planning – Audit, Strategic Framework & Execution

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

  • Media Content for Impact


We specialise in Media Relations, developing and implementing effective media campaigns across TV, Radio, Print and Digital. The purpose of Media Activation Campaigns is for audiences to organically recognise, gain trust in and act as a result of this media coverage. We communicate important information to media and wider audiences to encourage brand recognition, sales & loyalty. Media Activation Campaigns are ideally planned and implemented on a regular basis and have specific objectives and timeframes. We have established and valued media relationships across all national & regional Print, TV, Radio & Digital.

We work across broad media channels from national to regional, consumer to business for our clients’ Media Activation Campaigns. We target a tailored yet broad ranging selection of media, all interesting, on trend and up to the minute in terms of content and readership. We create credible media copy as part of a Media Activation Campaign ensuring our client in represented in the most relevant and professional manner. Projects vary on timeframes and we advise how to deliver messaging at the perfect timings to optimise media coverage. We monitor and report to our client on the performance of the Media Activation Campaign during and at the conclusion of the project.


At WAY Communications we start with insight and understanding of an organisation, company, brand and overall project. We learn about our client, it’s people and stakeholders through workshops, focus groups and surveys. We do hands on, practical research and auditing. Strong Strategic Planning must be based on in depth knowledge of where our client and their brand is currently and where it is they wish to go. We examine what our client needs to achieve and what it takes to get them there. We collaborate and determine the current situation, the objectives and purpose for a new Strategic Communications Plan and project. All information, learnings and output go into a Strategic Communications Framework.

Using our Framework we develop answers to auditing, objectives and vision. In the Strategic Communications Planning phase we develop focused messaging fostering trust between organisations, companies, stakeholders, media and target audiences. We invest ourselves completely in our Strategic Communications development working thoroughly to scope out the most interesting and broadest reaching strategy which is fresh and bespoke for each individual client. We follow smart strategic pathways which produce insightful and rewarding strategies which succeed successfully once executed. We work with the most effective and relevant media to execute the Strategic Communications Plan so that a clients’ voice and message is evolved, clear and strong. This results in a strong return on investment and commercial brand value. We monitor and report throughout the execution of the project. We partner with Digital Marketing & Social Media experts when needs be.




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organisations’, business or brands’ consideration of the interests of customers, employees, communities, the wider society & the world. CSR refers to the moral and ethical efforts made by an organisation and company which reflect it’s valuable commitment and ethics to communities, people and great causes. Today CSR is an incredibly important part in being responsible and contributing to society in a modern, progressive manner whilst boosting brand value and corporate culture. Corporate Social Responsibility excellently differentiates it’s partner. CSR is a boardroom issue; a competitiveness issue and it’s crucial in building more sustainable teams, economy and society. CSR is also an extremely rewarding, empowering and enjoyable professional and personal journey for all involved - from management to stakeholders and employees.

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Build a positive corporate culture & confidence to grow.

  • Better brand recognition, increase in brand value.

  • Create a strong & credible reputation in business & consumer markets.

  • Empowerment of people. Greater people motivation & performance.

  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain people.

  • Increased sales and customer loyalty.

  • Better financial performance & stakeholder engagement.

Corporate Social Responsibility Benefactors:

  • Environmental & Sustainability.

  • Workforce & People

  • Community

  • Charity

Do Good Feel Good. Win Win.

At WAY Communications we take care of everything for a CSR Plan and Process. We research, we listen and we dig deep to find the best methods for each individual client. We develop a strategy and plan. We implement a step by step plan and monitor. We feedback and report on the journey, benefits & results.

WAY amplifies organisations, businesses & brands, delivering substance & credibility through progressive COMMUNICATIONS.



We have been creating excellent content for a very long time. We are wordsmiths and writers who combine the creative with powerful media communications voices. Our tone is concise and we use language that connects management and employees, stakeholders to media and brands with audiences. We blend commercial skill with purpose so our media stories and messages are tailored, meaningful and authentic.

We write with purpose, clarity & impact.

The importance of creating smart and credible content can never be underestimated. We produce successful stories that capture our media partners & audiences. Our creative media copy and it’s clever execution successfully influences audiences - creating awareness, engagement, sales and over time, loyalty.

What We Do:

  • Organisation/Company/Brand Story – corporate history, case studies, learnings, successes, milestones, new messages, new services, new products etc. written in impactful media language.

  • Press Releases.

  • Brief Media Messaging (accompanied by press release).

  • Newsletters.

  • Management, Employee Biographies

  • Media Alerts.

  • Blog posts.

  • Bespoke Communications Content.




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